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Karen Gray Coaching programs aren't just about setting goals, they are about uncovering a genuine path that resonates with your deepest desires. We're here for the woman who desires to make a lasting impact and receive recognition she deserves for her dedication and creativity. With our support, you will set your INTENTION and discover your PURPOSE to empower you to create a life and business on your terms.

Services Crafted for unshakable Transformation

Premium and Personalized Coaching

There's no better way to elevate your confidence and experience transformation than to get personalized one on one support for your specific needs, challenges and opportunities.

Virtual Support

Dive into our powerful resources to reshape your confidence and transform your personal and professional connections.



Become a part of our TRIBE of resilient, like-minded women, lifting each other up towards their most confident and successful life.


Karen Gray

My coaching style is different than anything you will experience anywhere else and with anyone else because, in addition to receiving formal ICF Mastery level training as an Energy Leadership Coach, Certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner - I also have 30 years in the corporate world of Financial Services and I spent decades studying human behavior and learning to trust my intuition, instinct, gifts, and gut.

Therefore, I’ve also learned how to coach by an intuitive instinct which I believe is a priceless value add for my clients!  I am here to help people master their mindset, Re-program their unhealthy attachments, re-build their relationships (with humans and money) and I instinctively understand why people are motivated to do the things they do.

I understand the emotions, thoughts, and subconscious belief systems that have robbed you of your highest potential so my mission is to help you master yourself!

This is more of my life story than a business bio, but I really want you to know me.

I could give you my resume, you can read my linked in profile and you would not really know me. I could tell you about my 30 years in corporate America in the Financial Services Industry and how I worked my way up from teller to Branch Manager of a Credit Union – all without a college degree. Or how I left full time employee status and became a commissioned Financial Advisor as a single mom with 4 kids and you still wouldn’t know the real me.

Meet Your Coach: Karen Gray

Karen Gray is an Intuitive Leadership Coach who blends ICF Mastery level training with corporate expertise and over 55 years of life experience to offer personalized and transformative coaching. Her journey from self-doubt to confidence and empowerment shapes her unique coaching style, guiding individuals to discover their innate greatness.

  • Extensive corporate experience in coaching for transformation

  • Personal, effective, and transformative coaching style

  • Empowers women to their greatness and master their blocks to discover their undeniable value

With Karen, you'll discover more than a coach; you'll find a trusted friend, cheerleader, amplifier, and advocate, celebrating your victories and supporting you every step of the way, because you deserve it!

Hear from Our Empowered Women

Our clients share how Karen helped them transform their lives and step into their power. These stories of triumph are not just testimonials; they're beacons of hope for anyone on the verge of their own empowerment journey.

Karen Knew My Perceived Barriers and Broke Down All of Them

"I cannot say enough good things about Karen Gray. She was there when I need the mindset change to move forward from my then current position and step into the unknown with my own coaching business.... When I need help and guidance again, I know Karen will be there."


Mitzi Z. from New Mexico

Karen Meets You Where You Are at And Creates A Safe Place where You Can Be Vulnerable

"From start to finish, Karen's coaching expertise and genuine dedication to her clients shone through. Without a doubt, she deserves a five-star review for her exceptional services."


Laura G. from Colorado

Karen Has Gifted Me A New Way TO Sit With My Thoughts, Which I Use Daily

"...What I didn't expect was the most incredible deep dive into the self discovery of my value sets that are the cornerstones of very decision I make... Karen is always accessible and incredibly insightful. I hate to share her with the world, but God's mission for her is clear, Karen is here to impact lives!"


Corinne T. from Florida

Finding My Voice

"Before Karen Gray Coaching, I felt like a spectator in my own life. The Elite One-on-One Coaching sessions provided me with the courage and clarity I needed to assert myself, both personally and professionally."

A New Chapter

"I was skeptical about how effective a group session could be, but the Group Empowerment Coaching Sessions proved me wrong."

Redefining Success

"Karen’s Self-Discovery Workshops opened my eyes to what I truly value in life, helping me redefine my understanding of success."

Each of these stories echoes a common theme

- A shift from feeling lost and constrained to a state of empowerment, purpose, and fulfillment. Karen offers so much more than just coaching; she is a powerful catalyst for change, unlocking the formidable strength that resides within every woman, preparing her to conquer barriers and redefine her own narrative.

Join a Powerful Sisterhood of Success

Don't conform to a mold that wasn't made for you. With Karen Gray, you will:

  • Set clear personal and professional goals with strong intent

  • Cultivate an abundance mindset and self-worth by embracing your values.

  • Create a life aligned with your unique purpose.

  • Shift your perception of success from a struggle to a journey of ease and authenticity.

Karen's intuitive coaching isn't one-size-fits-all. It's a personalized journey where each step matters, every breakthrough is significant, and each result gleams with your potential.

Make the First Move Towards a Life You Deserve

Join forces with Karen to step into the bright future that awaits the true you. It's your time to amplify your voice, secure your spot at the table, and craft a legacy that's undeniably yours. Explore, align, connect, and rise above with Karen Gray Coaching. Don't Wait, Start Your Transformation Now! - Ignite your journey to empowerment.

Our Coaching Services

Your Path to Empowerment

At Karen Gray Coaching, we understand that every woman’s path to empowerment is as unique as her fingerprint. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to meet you right where you are in your journey. Our coaching services are crafted with love, intention, and a personalized touch to ensure you feel supported, understood, and empowered to make the strides you desire.

Elite One-on-One Coaching

Tailored exclusively for you, this coaching experience is an intimate partnership. Together, we'll explore your world, uncover your blockages, and ignite the change you've been longing for. This is a deep, transformational process that’s all about you.

Group Empowerment Coaching Sessions

Imagine the power of collective energy, stories, and support from women just like you. These sessions are designed to inspire, challenge, and nurture your growth within a supportive community.

Self-Discovery Workshops & Webinars

Engage in eye-opening sessions that enlighten you about your own capabilities and potential. From mastering mindset shifts to discovering your life’s purpose, these workshops are a goldmine for personal exploration.

Exclusive Retreats for Women

Join us for immersive retreats in breathtaking settings where the focus is entirely on self-renewal, learning, and profound transformation. These getaways are not just a break from your daily grind but a pivot towards your new beginning.



Benefit from ongoing support with our mentorship options, where Karen and other leading women guide you through your challenges towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

Digital Resource Library

Gain access to an extensive collection of guides, exercises, and resources designed to fuel your growth long after your coaching session ends.

My Real, Unfiltered Story

So this page was created for you to learn about “The Real Me”…

The one I used to hide from the world because I thought she was unwanted, unloved and never enough. The REAL ME was the one who lived under the shame of her adoption rather than the confidence of being CHOSEN and now I’m excited and blessed to be able to tell you that the “old version of Karen” doesn’t exist anymore.

The “REAL KAREN” is on the other side of this computer patiently waiting to love you big, cheer you on, champion your success, and help you achieve the LOVE, LIFE and ABUNDANT Dreams that you desire and deserve to have - whatever that looks like for you, because YOU DESERVE IT!

Yes, I’ve got an executive resume, hard earned certifications and a pretty impressive bio. I also have the ptsd, scars, trauma & emotional bruises that came with them.

  • I’m also the lucky one who snagged the super hot hubby in the photos above - who’s my BEST FRIEND, traveling buddy, and my partner in all things life, love and business.

  • I’m an intuitive energy coach who can’t wait to do life right alongside you to help you navigate your way through or out of your own past.

  • I’m a professional cheerleader, Fan-Girl, and Champion of some of the most amazing powerhouse women (and men) who are changing the world. (Just check out my social media feeds… it’s filled with pictures of the amazing people I get to call friends)

  • My Soul-Sister, Casey, nick-named me the Amplifier because I love to bring out the best in people so I try to amplify their greatness and gifts for them and the rest of the world to see! (I love that one ;)

  • I am a 3/6 Manifesting Generator, an ENFP-T, a Pisces, and a Visionary who loves God and all things spiritual (or woo woo)!

  • I crave Personal Development programs and love to learn from others. I absolutely love a good Retreat, Girls Trip, Road Trip or Vacation.

  • I’m the one who drinks way too much coffee and not enough water most days. The one who stays up late to get my focus work done because it's quiet and no one is distracting me - and I’m definitely the one who then loves to sleep in because she is exhausted.

  • I have learned to embrace my emotional side and love my tender heart!

  • I love to hug friends or even strangers when I just have a feeling they need it.

  • I’ve been called TOO MUCH and known to laugh TOO LOUD, talk TOO MUCH and be TOO HONEST and for the first time in my life – I’m good with it!

  • I am also the one who literally loves to watch others win big and my mission in this moment is to see YOU WIN!

You see… After 4 decades of trying to please others and being miserable, I didn’t recognize or like who I had become and I realized I was the only one who could do anything about. Something had to change and that something… was ME!

In 2008 I started and continue to do the deep work of healing and transforming my mindset, thoughts and energy – and today, I am living my absolute best life, as my most authentic self, with the love of my life and enjoying every single second of every day that I get! I now don’t want to waste a moment not living FULL OUT and I don’t want YOU to waste a moment either - so the lessons and journey I’ve been on have become my testimony and the foundation for my coaching, speaking, and events so I can help YOU!

You might say that I’m a 50+ year old overnight success at becoming who I was created to be… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

If you're feeling stuck, uncertain about your future, or just know deep down you're not living your full potential, coaching can be a powerful tool for change. Karen helps you to break through the noise, identify what truly matters to you, and craft a pathway to achieving your dreams. It's about unlocking your inner strength and courage to make those big life changes.

Can coaching help even if I don't know what my goals are?

Absolutely. One of Karen's strengths lies in guiding clients through the process of self-discovery to uncover their true desires and aspirations. Through her coaching, many have found clarity and purpose when they started with nothing more than a feeling of dissatisfaction or longing for something more from life.

Is there support available between sessions?

Yes, Karen believes in providing a holistic support system. Clients have access to a variety of resources between sessions, including email support, access to an exclusive online community of like-minded individuals, and additional self-help tools and exercises that complement their personal growth journey.

How long does it typically take to see results from coaching?

The timeline varies depending on each individual's circumstances and commitment. However, many clients report experiencing significant shifts in their mindset and improvements in their lives within just a few sessions. Remember, the journey to self-improvement is a marathon, not a sprint, and the pace will differ for everyone.

Is coaching only for women, or can anyone participate?

Karen specializes in women's empowerment coaching. Her principles are tailored to women facing challenges, dedicated to their growth and transformation. Karen's mission is to empower women to live authentically. Karen Gray Coaching is a beacon of hope for women seeking potential and fulfillment in their lives. Take the first brave step towards a future full of possibilities by reaching out today.

Coaching services, at their core, are a beacon of transformation and growth.

Partner with Karen Gray Coaching and it's not just goal achievement; it's about discovering your authentic self and moving to your own beat.

Our coaching unlocks wide-ranging benefits, lighting your way to both reclaim and reshape your definition of success. With tailored support, you'll find clear vision, sharpened focus, and access hidden strength.

It's about breaking through self-doubt and nurturing a resolute inner voice that says you can. Each session propels you toward the empowered, confident, and unstoppable person you're destined to become.

Celebrating Your Self-Worth and Confidence Is Closer Than You Think


  • Feeling trapped in life's monotony or unfulfilling careers.

  • Struggling with self-doubt.

  • Fear of change and overcoming comfort zone fears.

  • Lack of clear vision due to external pressures.

  • Feeling unheard, opinions dismissed, life shaped by others' expectations.


  • Unleashing potential to liberate and pursue dreams confidently.

  • Confidence in worth to believe in value and face challenges.

  • Courage for change to embrace change with bravery.

  • Clarity in purpose to successfully gain insight into life goals.

  • Empowered to lead and discovering your voice to craft a legacy.

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